“Family Time”

This weekend I took a last minute trip back home to Seattle to attend a family members funeral. Yes it was sad but also amazing at the same time. Since i was home in Seattle the only farmers market that i could think of that was open on Saturday was the Pike Place market. When i arrived there was only an hour left before the stands started to shut down. Luckily I found parking and found a stand named “Sosio’s” almost immediately. Image

To my surprise a very old friend named Sarah was working the stand and gave me a generous deal on all the ingredients for the Mango Salsa i was going to prepare and serve later that night. After leaving the market i headed to my extended families house for a family dinner to help ease the minds of those who had lost a powerful role model the previous week.Image

What better way to celebrate a 6’7″ 300 plus pound man than to eat a voluptuous esculent meal. I prepared the mango salsa in about 15 minutes due to a lot of excessive chopping. regardless of the complaining I heard from all of those who were anxious to taste the salsa, it was a hit and was completely devoured in the first five minutes of serving.

Recipe = http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/mango_salsa/