Have you Choked Yet?

I am a considerably adventurous eater and just as adventurous cook. Failure is not just something that I have accepted but expect the first time I try something new. Today was no exception. So here’s the whole story!

Last week, Silver presented us with a very interesting assignment.  We had to go to a farmers market  and find a fruit or veggie that we have never cooked. All week I was trying to think of produce that I have yet tackled in the kitchen. Hhhmmm, that’s a tuffy. As per Silver’s suggestion, I waited until I arrived at the market to figure it out.

First I thought I would a round and check out what I had to work with. I saw the typical fare…lots of collards, kale, taters, apples etc. Nothing I haven’t tried myself before. Then I stumbled upon a mushroom tent. These weren’t any typical button mushrooms that you would mindlessly toss into a salad, but legit fungi! I was tempted to select those as my challenge, but was way to intimidated. (I know I need to get over myself…how scary could asking a few fungus farmers for their suggestions be, but they seemed to be avoiding eye contact with the ignorant blonde standing before them-so I moved on)

So as I weaved in and out of tables adorned with a bounty of wonderful esculent goodies, I then finally came across artichokes at the Catalan Family Farm tent. I’m a big fan of artichoke hearts in my salad or on pizzas but my favorite version of the perennial plant comes under the hot cheesy alias of spinach artichoke dip! SOOOOO I thought I would give it a whirl!

Steamed Artichoke w/ Curried Yogurt Dip

1 artichoke

1/4 cup of greek yogurt (plain)

2  tsp curry

1 tsp red pepper flakes

1 tsp soy sauce

Wasn’t sure where to start with the artichoke, so I used this post as inspiration.

1. Rinse and clean the artichoke. Then grab a pair of scissors, and clip the tip of each scale (about a quarter of an inch). Even when cooked they are too hard.

2. Place the trimmed artichoke in a pot of boiling water and cook for about forty minutes or until the scales are soft and easily removed.

3. Mix all the rest of the ingredients for the dipping sauce.

4. When everything is ready plate and enjoy!

To eat: just pull off each scale and dip in the sauce. You are mainly scraping the artichoke meat away with your teeth. As you get closer to the center of the veggie, you will find “the choke.” That is the prickly center that will be EXTREMELY painful to eat-hence why they call it artiCHOKE. Just scrape away the pokey guys and gobble up what I think is the best part! 

Going back to my introduction of this post…where did I fail? Well I think that I could’ve cooked the artichoke a tad longer. Also the dipping sauce was a little overpowering for the mild artichoke. I ended up eating the two separately. They were both great…but I enjoyed the sublteness of the artichoke by itself.

See more of my Farmer’s Market/weekend adventure here!

xoxo Stephanie