I Remember My First Farmers Market…

Last Wednesday I walked out my front door at 306 Anza and strolled 3 blocks down to the farmers market on divisadero, right across from Kaiser Permanente. It was already noon so the stands were limited and my three best options were carrots,beets, and potatoes. Carrots had been done before I believe back in sixth grade so I put the taters and beets up on the scale.

While weighing my food Jose told me that I should no matter what!, add olive oil and lemon to the beets and potatoes. He even suggested peppers and dill weed with lemon on top if I’m feeling loco haha. When I asked where the food comes from he replied Watsonville and that it’s all organic. I took his advice and left a tip, but I had talk to my mother as well. So this is what I get in return when I call and leave a voicemail for my mother asking for a recipe:

Thanks mom. She called after assuring me not to cook the potatoes longer than 30 min @ 375 degrees F or until golden. She also texted me 5 times reminding me to set a timer and use foil. Duh. Next was the fun part, I got a bowl and added some olive oil to it and dipped my chopped potatoes in it and added salt, pepper, dill weed, and a touch of lemon as well. I did the same with the beets for a treat for my tastebuds.

After the washing of the veggies and applying ingredients through the bowl system I placed the potatoes in for 30 min and the beets for 1hr.

The potatoes were so amazing!!!!!! All my roommates ran upstairs after I took them out and started grabbing forks and poaching my precious meal. One of my roommates JD  used a 30 second squeeze of heinz on his 5 potatoes he manages to snake from my dish. I tried it myself, it was the business. The beets on the other hand weren’t as successful and I think it was because I should have left them in longer, they were just a lil too hard for my liking and not very “esculent.” Overall, I enjoyed the assignment and finding a new spot to grab good food for half the price and support a family run farm in Watsonville, Ca.