Creative Salad With Korean Sauce

It was a nice weekend, I went to los angel as to see my boyfriend, and we came back to sf. So that we wanted to make some food. I went to Divisadero Farmer’s Market. There were so many fresh vegetables and fruits there. Bananas, grapes and apples. I like fruits especially apples. And so do my bf. He likes a lot of food, green onions, garlic and so on. The apples in the food market were so beautiful. They were red and pink. I really wanted to eat them.


Salads are very normal in America, everyone could cook it because it was not hard, but I wanted to make changes, usually we use italian sauce or american sauce, but I wanted to try korean sauce. It wa a little bit spicy But it smells good. Korean sauce was made of Glutinous rice powder, chili powder, salt and malt yeast powder. So that is was really special. And you can buy it in New May Wah Supermarket.



The way to make it!!!

1, cut 4-5 green chinese onion and wash it
2 ,cut an apple into pieces
3 ,put on 3cups Korean sauce and 3 cups salad sauce
4.put on more salt and sugar
5.take a cup ginger oil sauce
6.put on green Chinese onion
7.stir in containers
T the con
I like the container so much cause it was like a heart. And it was made by my bf and me. So I think it was good to use. And it tasted like very special because we used green Chinese onion. But it you do not like it, you should not put it inside because it smells very strong. Anyway, it was a very different experience for me. I create a dish!