Some Chocolate Covered Strawberries

So when I was deciding on what to do for this project this time around I knew I was going to need some inspiration or at least a sign helping me decide what to do.  It wasn’t until Saturday that I finally got the sign I needed.  It was after my game, which we had lost badly.  We were all sitting in the locker-room waiting for the coaches to come give the post-game talk and as I waited the last few players trickled into the locker-room, one of whom was carrying 3 dozen chocolate covered strawberries.  He set them on the table and so I got up, along with a couple other guys, to grab one.  So as I grabbed my strawberry and made my way back to my locker it hit me.  I was going to make chocolate covered strawberries.  My coaches finally showed up and we had our talk and the moment we were done I grab my stuff and ran outside to call my mom.

With the reckless weather over the weekend and playing 3 games this weekend my only chance to get something from the farmers market was through my mom.  There is a local farmers market about 5 minutes away from where my mom lives in San Rafael, so I called her and told her I was going to make chocolate covered strawberries.  I asked her to pick me up about 20 strawberries and bring them to the game on Sunday.  Being the great mother that she is, she came through with the strawberries, a picture and some information to go along with it.

The strawberries came from FeNella’s Berries stand at the San Rafael Farmers Market and FeNella’s Berries has a farm in Watsonville, CA.  They grow esculent strawberries that are grown organically and are “certified organic.”  My mom found out this is the “early season” for strawberries, so the farm also grows raspberries and blackberries.

So, after getting my strawberries after the game on Sunday I headed to the store to pick up some semisweet chocolate chips that the recipe called for.  I bought a 12 oz bag and headed to my friend Reyn’s house for dinner and then dessert.  After Reyn made some amazing chicken katsu and rice it was my turn to head into the kitchen and make my strawberries.  The recipe called for me to take 6 oz of the chocolate chips, so half the bag, and put them in a microwaveable bowl.  It then said I should microwave the chocolate chips for one minute at 50% power, but after the minute the chocolate chips weren’t even close to melted.  So, I decided to break away from the recipe and put the bowl back into the microwave for another minute at full power.

This time the chocolate chips were almost totally melted and after stirring them up and another 15 seconds on full power in the microwave they were ready to go.  So, I stirred the chocolate chips until they were smooth, almost like a paste.  I then dipped the strawberries in the chocolate holding the stem and twisting them around until every side was covered. After letting the extra chocolate dripping from the bottom back into the bowl the recipe called for you to use wax paper to place the covered strawberries on, but because Reyn didn’t have any I was forced to improvise.  So instead I used paper plates that actually worked just fine.  After about 30-35 minutes of letting the strawberries sit out they were ready to serve.