Marinara Egg Scramble

When I found out about this project I was a little nervous about when and how I was going to be able to do it.  I was travelling with the team to Los Angeles over the weekend and I only had about an hour to go to the library to find a recipe to cook with before getting on the bus to head to the airport.  With really no idea of even where to begin I had no choice but to run to the library and figure it out.  After struggling to find some cookbooks in the library I finally came across some.  I began pulling them off the self and rifling through them.  I went through about five books before I found one I knew I could work with.  The title was Fast Meals Cookbook and this was perfect considering I wouldn’t have much time to cook before Tuesday.

Once I had the book in hand, I gathered all my stuff and got on the bus.  Now it was time to find something to cook.  Looking back I probably should have gone through the book more closely before I checked it out, but I figured there would be at least one recipe I could do.  Fortunately, I was right and it turned out to be a pretty cool cookbook.  It had recipes on how to make different kinds of dips, there were recipes on how to make chicken plates, it had different ways to make sandwiches, and there were recipes on different soups, vegetable plates, salads, and all kinds of desserts.

On the bus to the airport I studied the book knowing that I’d only have about two hours during Monday afternoon to make a meal.  With class in the morning, then weights in the afternoon, and getting on another bus to go to Reno, I wanted to find something I knew I could make, but still would be fun.  Knowing I wouldn’t get home until late on Sunday night or early Monday morning I knew this meant I would probably wait to eat breakfast until after class.  That’s when I came across the perfect recipe for this situation.

There it was at the bottom of the page, Marinara Egg Scramble.  It was perfect for a late breakfast and something I knew I would enjoy and be able to make before getting on the bus again.  So, after class I made a stop at Lucky Market on Fulton to pick the ingredients and then head to the kitchen.  The instructions were really easy to follow, but they were to make 4 servings and with no one at the house to serve I cut them all in half and figured I’d eat for 2, having not eaten yet.

The first step was to pour about a 1/2 pound of the marinara sauce in a pot and heat until it started to bubble.  While this was going on, I put 4 eggs in a bowl with about 1/8 cup of milk and a little bit of salt and pepper.  I melted a tablespoon of butter in a saucepan and whipped up the eggs, then poured the mixture into the saucepan.  I dropped two slices of bread in the toaster while the eggs cooked.  I followed the recipe and lifted the mixture around the edges until they were set, but shiny-moist on the top.  Finally, I placed the bread on the plate and sliced them in to triangles and dumped the eggs on the top, then poured the marinara sauce on top.  Finally, it was ready to serve!