Hot and sour soup of clams with chillies and lime


This week our assignment is to cook a food from a recipe book. Last week we went to our school library Gleeson library. Everyone should picked a book that we liked and wanted to make. I found a recipe book which was a thai food recipe book. The name is just”Thai food”. It was wrote by David Thompson. Every recipe in it has a short story and a detailed recipe process. Some have beautiful pictures. I chose one recipe and wanted to cook it. That is Hot and sour soup of clams with chillies and lime. Lime is very popular in every thai dish. Thai food is always very sour and sweet so that I like it very much.

This week I went to New May Wah Supermarket. Students from china in san Francisco like to buy food there. It is very closed to our school. It is just in 547 clement st. I walked there for 15 minutes. I bought some clams and the other ingredients there. This time I have to cook for myself so I would follow my appetite.




200g(6oz)clams, mussels or pipis

4 cups stock

Pinch of salt

Pinch of white sugar

Squeeze of lime juice

A few bird’s eye chillies(scuds), bruised

1 tablespoon coriander leaves


Scrub the clams. Bring stick to the boil, add salt and sugar to taste, then add clams and simmer until just opened(discard any that remain closed). Season with lime juice and bruised scrubs. The soup should taste salty, sour and hot. Serve scattered with coriander.




Wow, it’s time to eat! I am so hungry!

I put some tomatos in it because I like tomatos very much. Although it was not in the recipe, but it could made the soup a little bit sour so it is ok. It was the first time for me to make thai food. Soup could be the first step. I think next time I will try curry.