Earth Day @ USF

Thursday’s gorgeous weather couldn’t have been any more perfect for this year’s EARTH DAY!  With not a cloud in the sky, tons of USF students crowded Gleeson Plaza to celebrate anything and everything green (and surely to enjoy that rare glimpse of actual sun).  There were goats, live music, free food, and enough tables to keep you entertained for quite a while…

Cat and I made our first pit stop at a table that was handing out these irresistible apples!

And we couldn't help ourselves when offered these cool smoothies, served in reusable glass containers. (perfect for a warm day!)

Honest Tea & Kombucha Black Tea starters.

If I didn't already have one, I definitely would've gotten one of these reusable canteens - so tempting!

All in all, I’m super happy to have attended some of my very first Earth Day festivities at USF.  After passing by the tables for three years, it’s about time I stopped and appreciated all the hard work being done (and participated in the party)!