Earth Day makes me want to listen to Tom Petty

As I uploaded my photos from Earth Day at USF, this song got stuck in my head and I started playing it on repeat:

This song reminds me of sun. Maybe it’s because Earth Day took place on one of our first warm, gorgeous spring days after some crazy rain and thunderstorms. If I tune out the heavy-content verses and just listen to the chorus and upbeat melody, it’s a song I’d want to listen to under the shade somewhere on a sunny-skied day. It’s a hard feeling to put into words right now, but I can say that the part where Tom Petty sings “Take it easy, baby” makes me pump my fist in the air and go, “Yeahhhhhh, I agree.” I not entirely sure why, but I do. Anyone out there have any other contributions to my “Sunny Days” playlist?

Anyway, here are my highlights from Earth Day:

St. Ignatius looms over Earth Day at USF

The Farm Stand sign has fruit and veggies with limbs. This amuses me to no end.

Kristina and a goat! And somebody's hand!

Looks like a successful day