Summit Brownies

To begin my story I must take you back to my elementary school days. When I was young, I was what you might call a trouble maker, but in my mind I was just living life to the fullest extent of the word.  As my mischievous acts continued, I found my self being kicked out of school in the first grade. My parents then decided that I might be more comfortable at an alternative school, where the kids were a lot more like me. We began the new school search, visiting many schools which often involved sitting in on a classroom for a day. After many schools, I visited one by the name of “Summit K-12”. The school ranged from kindergarten all the way through to the twelfth grade. When I arrived at the school it seemed intimidating from the outside, and the fact that I might be going to school with high schoolers added to the intimidation.


Like the other schools I had visited, I sat in on the class for the day in what would turn out to be my future classroom. The first thing that I noticed was the fact that Teachers allowed you to call them by their first names. This teachers name was Tom; Tom was and energetic teacher full of love and excitement. Since I was brand new to a class full of peers at a young age, I was shy at first. As if my mind had been read, a couple of kids by the names of Michael, Kizamu, and Sekou, decided that they would step up and introduce them selves. They were quick to show me the ins and outs of the classroom, all of the secrets to all the activities, what went down on the playground, and the general way the school worked. After a day spent in a classroom with these amazing kids I knew this was the school for me. What I didn’t know is that these kids would become and remain my best friends till this day.


 Now for the part where the brownies come in to play. Whenever I wasn’t feeling well or I found myself sad or in a bad mood, my mother would take notice and bake up a batch of her famous caramel brownies. Now when I say famous I really mean famous to me and the rest of my family members. When my mom would bake these brownies, I could be on the complete opposite side of the house and once I got a whiff of that delicious chocolaty caramel blend, a smile would slowly grow on my face. To me these brownies have a very deep emotional connection, to others it seems to be nothing but pure enjoyment.

Now where did the name for the brownies come from, well, If you didn’t catch it before, “Summit” is the name of the school I went to. Every year at this school there would be numerous plays and performances throughout the year. During the intermissions of these performances there would typically be a bake sale in the lobby area outside of the auditorium. At these bake sales there was always an unofficial competition between the parents on who could sell the most of their baked goods. One day I suggested to my mom that she should make her famous caramel covered brownies and sell them during intermission. One day she decided to do just that. The brownies were gone in the blink of an eye, and to top it off there were comments and reviews galore.  After that day my mom decided to sell her caramel brownies at every bake sale possible since they were such a hit.

On days when she would Bake brownies for the night of a performance, there would usually be left overs that she would individually wrap and leave on the kitchen counter at home. being an innovative young man, I would take these individually wrapped brownies from the counter on the way to school, and at lunch I would sell them for a dollar a piece on the playground, as if I were some sort of vendor of chocolaty deliciousness. The profit was minor, about $5 or $6, but as First grader as we all know a dollar goes a long way. Since these brownies were such a hit amongst the school community, my mom decided to name them after the school which made them so popular.  From that day forward “Summit Brownies” they would be called.



1 – package Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies

– 13 x 9 Family Size brownie mix (plus ingredients needed to make them–see package back)

-1 – package Kraft Classic Traditional caramel

-2 Tablespoons milk

How to make:
Bake brownies as directed on package.  Let cool in pan, do NOT cut yet.
When the brownies reach lukewarm, make the caramel topping and pour/spread on top of brownie “cake”.

Caramel topping:
Unwrap 27 caramels, put into microwave-safe bowl.
Add 2 Tablespoons milk.
Microwave for 2 minutes, stirring mixture at a 1 minute.
Stir again, then pour over brownie “cake” and spread evenly to edges.

When completely cool, use very sharp, thin knife to cut into desired sized brownies.
Wipe off knife between cuts.
Leave in pan for everyone, or you can wrap them up in plastic wrap, caramel-side down.