Sunny Celebration

It could not have been a happier, sunnier day in San Francisco.  Those few days a year with sunshine and heat in the city happened to land on USF’s Earth Day on April 19, 2012.  It was an excuse to be outdoors and the festivities on campus were hard to be ignored.  Rachel, Roxie (another BFF) and myself enjoyed wandering the tables and of course, paid a visit to the goat pin.

I had walked by previous Earth Day events at USF in the past years, but this was my first go at exploring the tables.  First of all, I didn’t know about the freebies.  I swooped up a delicious red apple from the Low Carbon Diet Day table and a fresh kale and strawberry smoothie (given in a mason jar!) from a table right across the way.  I snacked on the two and found my way to our very own, Kristina’s, table with friends.  She hooked me up with a Kombucha kit (already prepared) and all I have to do it wait a bit longer for it to ferment.  Now, I don’t have to by the pre-made stuff!  Thanks, Kristina!

Live music, sunshine and crowds of USF students gathered in one area on a Thursday afternoon was the perfect start to my weekend.  My spirits were lifted and my week-long sickness seemed to fade away.  USF’s celebration of Earth Day helped remind us all of the simple things we can do to help save our environment.

Roxie with a fresh kale and strawberry smoothie and a red apple - compliments of USF Earth Day!

One of the few rules we have in our Green Media class: No plastic bottles allowed in class. This diagram put a spotlight on plastic and how it effects our environment.

Kristina and friends enjoying the sun and sharing their knowledge. Sourdough and Kombucha start kits for anyone who walked by - genius!

Art created by a bicycle powered device. Fun and entertaining for everyone watching!