Cherry Vanilla Bean Milkshake (Farmers Market #2)

For my second Farmers Market project I was craving something sweet, something that wouldn’t take a lot of time, and something that all six of my roomies could enjoy. The solution: Milkshakes. Not just any ordinary milkshake though, a cherry vanilla bean milkshake! So which Farmers Market shall I choose? Kaiser was a fun experience but I wanted to see more of the FM culture so I decided to go on a mission to the UN PLAZA on Wednesday. It was a mad house. I loved it! I could have easily spent $100 on snacks, organic smoothies, and hummus, but I stayed on track and B lined it to the Cherry stand.
Once I located the goods I headed back to the casa via Fulton 5. On the ride back I was on my phone and started to browse through Cherry Shake Recipes and found a keeper.
Next stop was mollies supermarket to grab a tub of vanilla ice cream and some vanilla extract. When I returned I totally forgot to grab the tool that deseeds the cherries! So I had to go old school and manually bite each cherry and spit the seed out into the trash. Before I did that though I had to wash them off and pick the stem from all the cherries.
2 lb’s of pitted cherries later and a minor case of lock jaw haha the cherries, and ice cream, and vanilla extract were ready to be tossed into the mix. I asked to borrow a friends blender his mom bought from Williams & Sonoma so you know I was expecting nothing below excellent. And boy was I happy. So were the roomates!Image
Yeah buddy… They started to taste their shakes then they started downing them like camels who just found a puddle of water in the desert. I told them about the manual labor I had to perform and they didn’t even care because the shakes were “Hella Bomb,” as one roomate Sam Najmeh put it.