East LA Special

My family recipe goes back to the early 90’s when we use to live in “East LOS.” Sorry lil bro, you didn’t make the cut yet!
very Friday we usually had a party where family and friends would come over and eat, drink, usually a pinata was present, even if it wasn’t somone’s birthday haha. In addition, there was a DJ, my uncle would play everything from 80’s music, such as Debbie Debb to 90’s rappers, like Tone Loc and Kurupt. After a night of laughing,dancing, and drinking the next day was usually the most memorable. Every Saturday morning I would wake up to go to the kitchen and we would have no food left and I’d step on about 4 people on my way. Since we had no food due to severe munchies throughout the early hours of the morning;it was the kids job to make the corner store run and get some comida. So what would myself and my other gang of cousins get?Image
Just the basic essentials for a bomb ass breakfeast burrito! When we would return and  the parents would be asleep again and tell us, “Pinches what are you waiting for? Vamos.” So we would try to out do eachother and have contests on who could make the best burrito. As for me I was the youngest, so I had to learn by watching others in the kitchen or have my uncle yell it to me from the living room haha.

1. Turn on the stove and put some olive oil on the pan
2. Crack some eggs into a bowl then whisk with a fork
3. Pour some milk into the bowl
4. Pour the eggs now into the pan
5. Move the eggs with spatula so they don’t burn
6. Add cheese, salt, and pepper

For sausages:
1. Turn on the stove and put some olive oil on the pan
2. Add sausages and let sit for 8-10 min on medium.
Usually some Tobasco or ketchup is added, but I handle my burritos plain. The scenery has changed since moving to San Francisco, but the recipe I have learned as a youngster hasn’t and memories cooking will always be some of most cherished and funny memories of my life. While doing this assignment, I was able to demonstrate my skills from back home and show my roomies how it’s done and now it’s almost standard for us to make breakfeast burritos on Friday/Sunday mornings haha.