Gleeson Burger

For my dish from Gleeson Library I chose to dive into the BURGER section which had fewer books than expected. There was about three or four options, all which weren’t too great, so I made my decision by smelling the books paper and whalahhhhh!!!! Here’s the winner:

After that I chose to go with the Cheddar Burger! And so did the roomies who I was going to be cooking for during the NBA Finals haha. Like wild dogs they surrounded me and were telling me what garnishes to use and what’s best for a simple, but still flavorful burger. So after some hard thinking I decided to go with my gut feeling and went with the books ingredients then added some Caligrown to it.
For those who need that extra assurance on how to cook a burger in a pan: Directions via YouTube

No, I did not throw the Lakers Key in for flavor, but I did leave it on the table to show all the Laker haters we still got our team’s back even though Oklahoma City did us dirty. Anyways, I added some Luigi’s seasoning along with some garlic salt, crushed red chillies, and one egg. After that, I went ahead and got down and dirty.
I felt disgusting doing this but hey, it had to be done! So I put on my green media face and continued to shape the meat until it looked like the pre shaped packaged patties from Lucky’s. After that I through them on the stove because our grill was a landing pad for a drunk fellow who fell from the 2nd floor of the apartment one night earlier in the semester. Don’t worry he’s doing fine now, but the grill isn’t. Image
Yup! That’s a hash tag and G for Green and M…Well…you all know by now. The burgers were a hit and gave myself and the rest of the roomies the itis afterwards. For those who don’t know what the “itis” is; it’s a state of mind when you can’t move or even think about food for atleast 24 hours and you end up falling asleep during something important.